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Cesky Krumlov Castle

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Cesky Krumlov Castle

Cesky Krumlov castle is great! You can visit the castle courtyards for free 365 days a year 24 hours a day! Take a walk through the castle at night, it is so charming not mentioning the shots of the old town taken from the castle bridge. There are three different guided tours you can take in English from April 1 till October 31, which take you to the castle interiors. Mind there are no tours on Mondays, but the castle is open including the tower and castle museum. The castle garden is open from April till late November depending how early the snow comes.


Cesky Krumlov Castle guided tour available in  English:

Tour No. 1 - The Residence tour takes you to the best rooms of the noble families of Rozmberks, Eggenbergs and Schwarzenbergs.

Tour No.2 - The Residence tour takes you to the 19th century rooms once occupied by Schwarzenbergs. The tour ends by a stroll through the passage connecting the residence and the Baroque theatre.

Baroque Theatre

Uniquelly preserved theatre dating back to 1680, which is used even nowadys at special occassions. Tours every hour, English tours maximum twice a day.

To take a guided tour is the only way how you can visit the inside of the residence and the Baroque theatre, unfortunately no private tours are allowed.


you can book your tickets online at http://vstupenky.zamek-ceskykrumlov.eu

or buy them directly at the box office at the second courtyard just after the Bears'moat (by the way we have had live bears living in the castle moat since the end of 16th century - wish to learn more? Take http://www.krumlovtours.cz/en/tours/old-town-tour-city-walking-tour-8.html

Openning hours 9:00 till 17:00 /16:00 edge seasons

Caste Tower and Museum  - 2nd courtyard

The castle muzeum and the tower are open daily from 9:00 till 16:00.  In winter close on Mondays.


Cesky Krumlov Castle

Cesky Krumlov Castle

Cesky Krumlov castle is great! You can..


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