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Karolina was excellent and very generous with her time. We decided to go on the tour last minute and because it was the low season it was just us. She was happy to answer all of our questions and was really passionate. Would definitely recommend.


October 2011, Ben Griffith, Cleveland
Karolina Kortusova is one of the most informed, thorough and personable guides we have encountered. Her knowledge of this jewel of a city, Cesky Krumlov, coupled with her love for the city and its rich history that dates back to the 1300's, equipped her with that extra spark of enthusiasm and attention to detail that made our day trip from Prague to Cesky Krumlov one that we will never forget. Karolina met us at the train station and graciously introduced us to the beauty and unique feature of the city center, followed by the Baroque Theatre tour and castle tour. I had visited this fairytale of a city twice before, but Karolina introduced me to the spirit of the people who have worked so hard to make this a "must see" for any serious traveler in Central Europe. Karolina's command of the English language is amazing, and her ability to anticipate our needs and interests was astounding. We enjoyed a very informative tour of the Eggenberg Brewery and were led to a wonderful restaurant where we enjoyed several Czech specialties and discovered a delicious Moravian white wine,, Zelezna, that has turned us on to truly great wines produced in Moravia to our east. We are seasoned travelers and know a great tour guide when we find one - and we have found one in Karolina and Krumlov Tours.

Date of visit: June 2010 Steve, Austin

I hired Karolina for a personal tour of this charming city. This was well worth the time. We really enjoyed ourselves. Her English is excellent. She knows a lot of history of the city - which is what we wanted. I had two teen girls with me and they enjoyed it very much. We walked all throughout the city and up to the castle and the gardens. The guidebooks are good but Karolina gives you a lot more insight.

Date of visit: July 2010 Alexis , Louisiana
The Old Town walking tour was very informative as well as entertaining. Karolina helped our 24 year old daughter understand how life was under Communism and provided much information about local culture. Karolina showed us what shops sell authentic crafts rather than items made in China. She also provided much assistance during our trip planning and helped us understand what to see and do in the region. She even booked a tour for us at the Vyssi Brod Cistercian Abbey (about 35 min south of Cesky Krumlov) and handled ticket arrangements for the castle tours for the next day. We can not say enough wonderful things about her.

Mike, San Francisco, California, Aug 10, 2010
Just returned from three weeks in Eastern Europe. We took walking tours in several cities and by far the best was Karolina Kortusova from Krumlov Tours. Karolina led the Old Town Tour and filled the tour with interesting stories about the long history of the town, the architecture and political climate. Especially interesting was her personal insights on the fall of communism and the changing situation under the new political structure. I would highly recommend a visit to Cesky Krumlov and when there touring with Karolina Kortusova from Krumlov Tours.

Hezzer, Colorado, Jun 2, 2010
The Old Town tour, led by our fabulous tour guide Karolina, should not be missed. This tour has everything you would expect in an Old Town tour including interesting stories, great architecture and tons of history (in fact, even 700 years of it). Karolina spoke perfect English and was clear and engaging. We were lucky to have a tour of only 4 people which allowed for some very interesting conversations about her personal experiences with the changing political situations in the Czech Republic. There didn't seem to be a question that she was unwilling or unable to answer. In short, if you want to get a true feel of the culture, change and experiences of this town you must go on this tour!

Alan Bernstein and Anne Lesch, New York City, Jul 16, 2010
Karolina is an excellent guide. My wife and I spent a day in Krumlov and then another day guided through Bohemia. We always felt in competent and involved hands, and she is a whiz at picking up on suggestions-- e.g cycling around Trebon before a wonderful fish lunch of pike/perch. Present her with your ideas and let her guide you through best options as there are many.


December 2009, Dorothy Dejmal
Somewhat belatedly, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being our guide. Both Nancy and I had a fabulous time. You are a wonderful person, and I was very touched by your experiences during and after the Velvet Revolution. Thank you so much for sharing those experiences with us.

September 2009, Margo and Joe Babb
My wife Margo and I wanted to thank you for the extraordinary kindness you showed us during the tour of Cesky Krumlov last week. Not only were you wonderfully knowledgable, but your warmth and kindness added to the immense pleasure we had that day. You certainly opened our eyes to your wonderful city, and we thank you for your time, professionalism, kindness, and concern.



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